Snowiest territory in Quebec year after year. Set off to discover the Monts-Valin!

Snowmobile paradise

During the winter period, the Québec Nature outfitter also opens its doors to you for your snowmobile hiking trips in a vast area where snow is abundant.

If you are a fan of this winter sport, you are certainly aware that the Monts-Valin region is exceptional for its landscapes, but above all for the incredible quantity of snow that we have. found there.

You will find yourself in the middle of a vast region covered with a thick carpet of powdery snow, which will fulfill your wildest dreams.

Here, accumulations can reach 5 to 7 meters during the winter period.

These phenomenal accumulations are due to water vapors coming from the Saguenay valley which rise and condense at altitude where it is colder, thus creating unusual snow conditions.

Comfortable stay

The Québec Nature outfitter invites you to establish your base camp in the heart of this snowmobiler's paradise and come and do your own tests with your family or friends.
Once your day is over, head to the outfitter to return to the comfort of your chalet and sit comfortably near a cozy fire, while remembering the thrilling adventures experienced during your day.
With a total accommodation capacity of twelve people, our two recently built chalets are fully insulated and equipped with all the amenities necessary for your well-being. In addition, our very comfortable hostel can accommodate up to 14 people.




Included with ice fishing:
Limits of 1 quota.

Certified guide service

Fully equipped chalet

Fishing license not available on site.



Included with ice fishing:

3 meals per day

fully equipped chalet or accommodation at our inn

Limits of 1 quota.

Certified guide service

Fishing license not available on site.

General conditions for all packages

  • Reservation: 35% (exception moose hunting 50%) of the total amount upon reservation, balance payable 30 days before your stay.
  • Cancellation: non-refundable deposit.
  • Responsibility: the Québec Nature outfitter inc. cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to its customers' materials or equipment. You are responsible for the equipment that the outfitter puts at your disposal. Any breakage or loss of equipment will result in additional costs.
  • Arrival at the outfitter is from 2 p.m. and departure at 10 a.m. for all packages.
  • Rental contract to sign for loaned equipment.
  • Credit card accepted (fee of 3.5% will be charged to you).

Our services

Certified guide service with first aid course