Fishing Regulations

Fishing license

Where can I get a permit?

The sport fishing license is on sale from authorized sales agents. These are usually sports stores, hardware stores or convenience stores. The Clauparo outfitter, as well as the ZEC Martin-Valin at the start of the forest road at the barrier, also sell this permit.


Who can fish under my license?

Your spouse, your children under 18 years old as well as those of your spouse can fish under your license. The same applies to any person under the age of 18 who fishes under your supervision or that of your spouse.


How many fish can be caught and retained if several people fish under one license?

In all cases, the total quantity of fish caught and kept per day must not exceed 20 trout for each license holder.


Speckled trout regulations – Non-resident

The non-resident must hold a Quebec sport fishing license to fish anywhere in Quebec.

Fish limit

For Pourvoirie Québec Nature

Bag limit of 20 trout/day per fishing trip/per license [20 total].


Daily intake limit (per day)

The daily bag limit includes fish caught and retained. Fish released back into the water do not count towards the bag limit. The holder of a license must include in his limit fish caught and kept by all persons fishing under the authority of this license. This limit also includes fish caught and consumed during the day.


Possession limit (per fishing trip)

The possession limit authorized in an area, taken in sport fishing, corresponds to the daily catch limit provided for this species in this area, i.e. 20 trout. Under no circumstances can we exceed the highest catch limit established in Quebec for a species (20 speckled trout).